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What do you think we would need to do to win it all next year?

hate to oversimplify, but we can crunch numbers all day. our qb play has to be at a level to win the division,snag a hot playoff streak. then knock of the afc representative.
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One word! C.J. Spiller!

that is the most retarded thing ive ever heard. a change of pace back is not going to make a huge impact.

what one thing could take us all the way? two words: alex smith. he's the starter. if he can play at a pro bowl level, we could definitly make it to the super bowl. we are a qb away. we have the defense. we have the rb. we have the receivers- VD and crabs. we just need the qb to step it up.

we are that close. in this years draft, if we can grab a tackle, a db, and a return man, and our qb steps it up considerably, there should be no reason not to win it all.

cough* Chris Johnson *cough
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Originally posted by Rockyfromask:
One word! C.J. Spiller!

More than 1 word
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1. Strong play from the QB position.

2. Good or better field position with minimal mistakes from our KR/PR.

3. More plays from our Safeties.
Originally posted by Kolohe:
1. Strong play from the QB position.

2. Good or better field position with minimal mistakes from our KR/PR.

3. More plays from our Safeties.

this. plus an o-line
tackle, outside pass rushing linebacker, safety, special teams returner, voodoo gods to curse all our opponents...
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1. Alex Smith needs to get better - His yards per attempt need to go up (rated 24th last year), he needs to work on his pocket awareness, keep his INTs low (which I believe he will - 25td 10int), Run more (51yds, 11 Games)

2. OL obviously needs to do better (and should on new coaching, alone). Pick up some help in the draft, minimally Iupati. Sims did okay in place of Staley at LT last year... if that works, and Staley needs to go back to RT, let's do it. Draft another tackle for security.

3. Vernon - Work on his hot-read assignments, continue with his catching regimen, maintain his skills as a blocker, practice with simulated snap-counts, or something that can help him minimize the false starts. Honestly, he does plenty for this team, but if he can master even more aspects of his game? He'd honestly be one of the most valuable weapons in the league.

4. Defense - Maintain, at a minimum, what success they had this past year. Brooks needs to step up his game and we should add some secondary help in the draft.

5. Special Teams - Obviously this needs to get better and will once we address it in the draft (Spiller, McCluster, Gilyard, whatever).

6. Coaching - Raye (and hopefully Mike Johnson) need to continue to work on plays that were routinely successful last year. Practice hard on those Crabtree bubble screens. Work on Gore out of the shotgun. Incorporate more into the playbook.
We need a tackle,a cover strong safety and a dynamic KR/RB like Spiller,and for Alex to be in the top 10 for QB's..

In a nutshell, ROT, Return Specialist(RS), a more dominant pass rusher, a SS/FS, a CB and LOG as I believe Baas is gone next year.

First, we need to fix at the bare minimum our RT spot. There are some seriously good options in the draft next year with Trent Williams heavily compared to Brian
Bulaga. Either of these two would be awesome, but Williams projects more as a true RT. Still on the OL, there is Mike Iupati, OG, who is being compared to Hutchinson from the Vikes. Both Williams and Iupati have been said to have what it takes to make it to the Pro Bowl. Either or both would be awesome in the first.

After OT, RS has to be next. That can come in many different ways. My first choice is CJ Spiller as he is the #1 prospect at RB and RS, two for one, but also has the best hands out of the backfield--Think Roger Craig with speed and return abilities. Then, there are many others within all rounds it seems so getting better value could be had later with guys like McCluster, Cox, Arenas, Banks, Holliday...the list is quite huge.

This is a very strong safety class with excellent value in the second and especially the third rounds. The same can be said about CB.

We are but a few pieces away. More consistency and growth on offense with Alex Smith finally getting the same OC the next year, he can now extend the offense. I see our D just needing but one or two pieces to make it a top five D. Now, ST is another matter.

We have a new ST coach who hasn't coached it in 10 years. I am not worried about it as Shotty has proven himself worthy. I believe we will have two to four players changing on the squad replaced by rooks, IMO. We need more speed and better overall technique on ST.

We were a few plays away from going to the playoffs.

Above all else, consistency is the key!

Go 49ers!

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19 wins..
Kill all of the following QB's

Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Donovan McNabb, Brett Favre, Phillip Rivers.
To win it all Better Qb, Better o line, Better Safety play
Alex Smith would need to play better from under center, the offensive line under new coaching would need to drastically improve to an at least above average level, Coffee needs to step up his game to be a quality back, we need to find a good kick and punt retuner (doesn't have to be an elite guy though imo) Crabtree needs to continue to play well, Morgan and Hill need to improve, Vernon needs to be more reliable, the D-line needs to play at the same level as last year, Brooks needs to step up to be a dominant pass rusher, Goldson needs to stay a ballhawk while taking better angles and making better tackles, Clements needs to return to form, Spencer has to stay healthy and repeat his performance from last year, and Reggie Smith/ draft pick needs to develop into a quality SS.

A lot to ask for imo.
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19 wins..

That is a sufficient condition alright!!

Sorry, I am in LSAT mode.
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