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Obvious offense?

Raye may be well experienced but he is mentally senile compared to a guy like Walsh who was always juggling matchups and setting up defenses etc. I think Raye is not mentally an agile guy and not able to do much more then what he has shown. He cannot even vary the plays much to make the defenses looser in coverage. In a way Raye is much like Singletary, low brow pound it out guy than someone who could beat you in any number of ways like Walsh who would invent new ways if that was what it took. Raye could probably invent new plays given a year or so. I think Singletary may be a great force but I think a really brilliant young coach is what we need and if we keep Singletary, Mike has to admit he is a low brow and accept a high powered oc and many bright guys who might make him seem a bit stupid. I think finding a young coach who is well rounded but imaginative without ego being a problem won't be easy to find but Walsh seemed to find a lot of them.
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The funny thing is that after Sing was hired a few people on here proclaimed him to have learned a lot from Walsh bc he had lunch with him a few times and yet he goes out and hires this joke of an OC. Guess those lunches were all for naught. lol
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