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Why do we have a mediocre team?

The lack of a true QB there is a reason he is not a Captain of the team. Need Upgrade!
The lack of an RT Pashos or Snyder are garbage. Need upgrade!
The lack of our kicker not making field goals are kicking in in bounds! Need Upgrade!
The lack our our punt & kick return specialist when our TE is running kicks back? Need Upgrade!
The lack of Clements not being a shut down corner and should ask for a refund! Need Upgrade!
The lack of a pass rush! What happened to harralson? Need upgrade!

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Many people on this board predicted this, even some of the most optimistic fans. A surprisingly good D that would have to carry the team all season long. And many figured this day was going to come eventually, but I don't think anyone figured we would lose this bad. Probably for the best that we did lose this bad because it will force everyone, from the head coach on down to take a long look in the mirror and make some adjustments.

It's a good thing that Gore is coming back. And it's not because I expect him to run crazy once he returns, because minus the two runs vs. Seattle, he hasn't looked great either. But its clear that Coffee is in over his head right now.

I think there will be some adjustments made. I don't foresee any major line-up shake ups, and there shouldn't be any. One, it would be a knee-jerk reaction and two, what else do we have? As for our O-line problems, we are stuck. Perhaps this is why Nolan never made Baas a permanent starter (not saying that Nolan knew what he was doing, but there are a few things he did right).
Well this loss really brought home the earth shattering reality.

It was only a matter of time before the hot streak by the defense was going to cool. It was also only a matter of time before the offense caused turnovers from which we couldn't recover from.

All that being said, i still think that we can win the NFC West. I just don't think that we'll do it in any dominating fashion. It probably will come down to the wire.

Originally posted by 49ERSAM:
1. The Defense don't have a legit passrusher. We still need a legit NT too.

2. The First string QB is a fourth stringer to a good team. Until we have a QB that can throw the ball with tight spiral and good velocity, we are on the mercy of our defense to win games. Teams will exploit the QB situation from now on and Atlanta gave many teams the recipe.

3. The OL has been a project for many years, and it will be for at least two years. The bunch of guys just can't be good no matter how they try. Heitman might be playing well, but he is a backup player as starter. Baas should not be resigned, and better yet, he should be benched. Chilo might have some personal problem bothering him.

4. We don't have and need a legit #1 RECEIVER.

5. The OC is too old to be calling plays. This run, run, run thing is killing the team. But can you blame him if he knows that he has a weak armed QB. Either way, it is time to replace the QB and the OC.

6. Mike Singletary don't know s**t except rah, rah, rah! Motivational speakers can't motivate people all the time. A good Coach should be visionary, innovative, and flxible with the football aspect of coaching.

To sum it up, we need Mike Holgren to be a contender, and draft a QB next year.

The 49ers are far from mediocre. The football God's just cursed us today.

1. Our NT is legit. Franklin has been lights out this season. Our pass rush is weak but developing. I don't think it's too bad. What is too bad is overloading the right side near the end zone so you have man out on the island with no safety help. Bad bad call Manusky.

2. Hill is good enough for what we want to do for now. I don't think Alex Smith would perform badly either. He was only 20 when he came out and we put him in way too soon. That being said, Nate Davis is the best QB on our roster and the future.

3. OL needs time to gel more than any position. Once they learn to play as a unit they'll be fine. Oh, and with Frank Gore out why not blitz the entire team if you're playing against us. When he is in things will be different. He makes the line better.

4. Um, Michael Crabtree??? Better prospect than Calvin Johnson in my estimation and I played CB in the big 12. He will really surprise people.

5. The OC didn't make bad calls today. Hill has to sling it and Davis needs to adjust when the blitz comes. This is just poor execution.

6. Singletary is already a good coach. One game is not the season. Don't panic.
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Originally posted by 49ERSAM:
The Defense don't have a legit passrusher. We still need a legit NT too.

And you're right about Hill. He's not seeing some guys. He's running into sacks. And he floats the ball too much, and still not high enough at that. We've all seen Favre's passes. We remember Joe's passes. Nate Davis looked more like that. Even Alex has good sharp throws (he just doesn't have a sense for his receivers or the defense).

Get Nate ready, if this becomes a problem - particularly at Houston, which is a team the 49ers should beat.

The 49ers looked confused out there. That's partly on the players. But - coaching. Even Singletary, at least in his most honest initial statement after the game, singled out the coaching. Then he mentioned execution only after that.

Coaching failed under Nowin. It's starting to head that same way, again.

Even after Clements went for the pick and had no support from Roman, I believe it was, the score was still reasonable.

It think the two key plays were those which ate up at least one timeout. Because the refs blew the call on the Walker turnover. And Singletary had no challenges remaining - because he had no timeouts.

So the first was the pep talk timeout. This time, it was going back to the well once too often. It seemed to have no effect and ATL scored quickly after that. Are the players still taking him seriously on this stuff - or are they starting to see Sing as just a 'motivational speaker' with only a layman's grasp of the playbook?

I believe the other was Morgan again not having his head in the game. He looked so good in pre-season. But he's failing. Having to punch it in required, at one point if I remember, another timeout.

So either treating these guys like high schoolers in the one case, or having players refuse to finish, are what led up to giving ATL a chance to really push out the lead.

I think - if Rachel is struggling, how about Wragge? I think that if Morgan is not quite there, does he have to start from here on in? Dre Bly seems to need an attitude adjustment. Isn't there a guy named, Brown? Does Roman really need to be on the 53? Why this fear to even give Sheets a try?

And Hill has still been good about the turnovers, even though another of his subterrainian floaters was batted up for the pick, today. But what about Nate? I'm sure Alex ego can handle that. If he or they start turning the ball over, at least we'll see one thing we still like about Hill.
We have not beat any team with a wining record, that said we need to make changes in the OL (chilo) should be benched , next year we need a QB don't care if we pick one or get one in a trade or something like that.
This game looked like what we used to see the 80's niner teams do to these physical blue collar teams like the Bears. Literally run circles around them with speed and finesse. We were outcoached, plain and simple. We go out and do our thing, which is smashmouth. They come out and gameplan to take our strengths out of the game. We dont gameplan, the plan is set for every game already. Its been working to a point, but it wont take you too far in the NFL. It can bring you a 8-8 record. Certainly wont win a superbowl this way.
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We could have the best WR's in the league, but until we have a QB who can pass to them it wont matter. But, we could have the best QB in the league, and until we have an OL to block for him. I think you can see were i'm going with this.
Our offense is worse that we imagined. This wasn't just a bad game. They've been mostly bad in every game. We have no run game and no passing game.

If this continues, can we justify bringing back Raye next year? I don't think so. And if the problem is purely the talent level, we need to fire McCloughan.

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The reality is, this team will go through growing pains(ups and downs). We are benefitting from playing in a weak division(notice who are wins are against) but we are moving in the right direction. We need QB, OL, Safety and Dline(NT) upgrades next year.

I hope the people see the difference between a game manager and game changer at QB. We need a franchise QB that can make all the throws and it's time to replace Lewis at Safety....and don't get me started on the RT position.... I still think we will be pushing for the division title this year..... but NEXT YEAR is the YEAR.....

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Yea this loss hurt, but all good teams have bad games here and there. No time to panic, we just have to regroup and play at the high level we know we are capable of.
There was a stretch last year were Arizona looked pathetic. Calm down guys this isn't the end of the world. We're still a 1/2 game up with victories against everyone in our division and really thats all that matters right now.
Seriously, some of you people are pathetic. Don't pretend to be a true Niner fan, ok. They had one bad game...we should be 4-1 right now, but because of one lucky throw we are 3-2. They will respond in Houston and get hammered (like everyone else) in Indy. We will go anywhere from 8-8 to 10-6...that will be enough to make it to the playoffs.

bad drafts----Balmer instead of DeSean Jackson.
that set this team back another 2 years.
Originally posted by DaNiners:
Seriously, some of you people are pathetic. Don't pretend to be a true Niner fan, ok. They had one bad game...we should be 4-1 right now, but because of one lucky throw we are 3-2. They will respond in Houston and get hammered (like everyone else) in Indy. We will go anywhere from 8-8 to 10-6...that will be enough to make it to the playoffs.

chill out noob!
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