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Thomas Clayton = done

Ouch, tough break for the guy.
Yah you could pretty much see that was the case when it happened. Sucks for him, his career is probably over. He probably would have been cut anyways, Sheets is better player then him.
Very tough break ...
too bad clayton. I hope you paid some attention in class.
Bad break for the guy.
At least we can put him on IR and save him for next year.
That is a tough break ------ I hate to seeing those kinds of injuries.
Good, he sucks SHEETS FTW!
we could put him on IR right?
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
Good, he sucks SHEETS FTW!

I know he wasn't going to make the team but I feel really bad for him. Really turned his life around after having a lot of trouble in college. Also a good TC and Pre-season guy to have around.

I am excited about Kory Sheets running the football though.
that sucks
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
Good, he sucks SHEETS FTW!

dude not cool man your glad that a 49er just got an acl tear u need to be
My heart goes out to the kid. He never complained about not making the team two years in a row. He just did what the coaches asked, handled his business, and did what he could improve his game. It sucks to see someone work that hard for a shot and then lose it due to injury.

Even if he wasn't going to make our squad, he was still better than a lot of 3rd string RBs in the league and probably could have caught on somewhere.

Hope he can back from this.
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