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Next OC

Originally posted by singfan:
Originally posted by plinius9mm:
Sure, we will only win 2 games next year thus giving us the #1 pick.

Who do you think we will pick with the #1? A QB hopefully.

Look what Shanahan did with Cutler. If I was Jed, I would be working the phone lines right now. Now is the time to get in the front of the line with Shanahan. Jed needs to just reach out. He needs to be lining something up. McCloughan can not be involved with it. McCloughan shouldn't even know about it. It's all about getting the pieces in place in order to move quickly and efficiently when you have to drop the hammer. So what if we have to eat some money? That should not stop us from doing what needs to be done. Heck, Notre Dame thought about eating Weis's deal in order to get better. Money shouldn't even be a consideration.

What did he do with Cutler? Take the 11th pick of the draft to 17 - 20 record as a starter and never make the playoffs? I thought a coach’s job was to manage the whole team? How about you look at what Shanahan did with Denver's defense last few years.
Let the season play itself out and if needed at the end, let this discussion continue.

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