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Will Frank Gore ever get a NFL rushing title?

Let's just say that I wouldn't bet against Gore having a great year.
Originally posted by YuNGaCE:
here's a vid i made 2 years ago

no you didn't

aren't some of those games from a year ago?
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I could definitely see him leading the league in rushing. Usually getting around 1700 to 1800 yards rushing will give a back a pretty good chance of leading the league and Frank has shown the ability to put up those numbers in the past. I'm not sure that our team is set up for him to be that back anymore though. It appears that he has some guys to share the load with now.

I'm not saying that Frank doesn't have the talent to be a 2000 yard back, but I think it's unlikely. Going over 2000 yards would require the perfect storm of a season. Averaging 125 yards a game is no joke.

Personally I'd rather see the team have a Panthers or Titans type split in carries. With Frank getting around 250 - 275 carries for around 1400 -1500 yards and the back up getting somewhere between 150 to 200 for another 700 - 1000 yards. Keep them both fresh and healthy for a long march through the playoffs!!!
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the inconvenient truth
Frank is more about the team than any individual stats. He carried our team the best he could the last few years but we have added weapons the last 3 years that can help the team as a whole. I say no, but of course he is a passionate leader.
No doubt he will win a rushing title, Frank has 4 prime years left. He will own at least one rushing title.
i think gore can get the rushing title. the 2000 yards is a little high and probably wouldnt be the best for gores longevity. thats a lot of abuse. why burn him out early? i think he can get a rushing title though because of our weapons at WR and TE other teams wont be able to stack the box anymore and gore will thrive. the inconvenient truth.
I say 1700 (1200 and 500) is a SAFE bet. If he got over 1000 in Martz' system last year, he could do 50% better this year if Jimmy Raye's offense works this year. That would be somewhere between 1500 and 1600. If he can accomplish that, he has a good chance at 2000 combined yards. He doesn't have to lead the league in rushing to accomplish that.
Originally posted by db9er:
I would love to see it happen, but with the way that coaches are sharing the time between two running backs, and our OL history...I dont see it happening. But I hope Gore and the OL prove me wrong.

Really? I wasn't aware the season had begun and Gore was sharing the load with another back on a consistant basis.


We don't know how they're going to use our backs, but I doubt they will be splitting carries evenly or even close to evenly, especially since Coffee is a rookie. If we were to run the ball 30 times a game, there's a good chance that Gore would take 20 or more of those carries. If he runs it 20 times a game, that would mean he'd have about 320 carries next year. If he averages 4.7 yards per carry (which is his career average) he'll have slightly over 1500 yards rushing - probably not enough to win a rushing title, but more than enough to contribute heavily to our success. These things are more than possible provided Singletary really wants to run the ball, the offensive line can make some holes and Gore stays healthy all year. I know people cry about how Gore is always hurt and blah blah, but he doesn't miss much time because of those injuries. In the past 3 years he's missed 3 games, so lets stop blowing his injuries out of proportion.

If Raye's offense is as similar to Norv Turner's as everyone says it is, there's a pretty good chance we will be successful running the ball and Gore can put up some very big numbers.
this is FRANKS year.

I don't see gore breaking the 2000+ mark rushing, but I could see him getting the record for all purpose yards
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Originally posted by YuNGaCE:
here's a vid i made 2 years ago

Great Video,

Just wish Frank had some break away speed. Hate seeing him get caught from behind. The only part of his game that is lacking. Aside from that he is the perfect back!
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lol.. watching that video made me remember gores first two seasons, when i was afraid that every time he touched the ball he would fumble....

Glad thats over!!
on twitter ricky jean francois said frank gore's first touchdown dance is gunna be the franky dance


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Gore's certainly got the ability, but whether or not he gets a chance is another thing, with Coffee potentially taking carries away from him.
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