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The difference in 29's

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Originally posted by Genius1310:
Thought you mighta been talkin about Ahmed Plummer....
Originally posted by jesserdumas2:
First, I liked DeShaun Foster as backup last year and I have to agree with the guy that said he performed better as a starter than as a change-of-pace guy. I think, actually, that it wouldn't have been a bad move to keep him around for another year with Frank's injury history and no proven backup in line. We're supposed to be a running-based offense now and that makes the position just that much more important.

However, the use of a relatively high-pick on Glen Coffee meant that to some degree, the team thought he will be enough of an insurance policy to help Gore get through the season. I like the physical style I keep reading about and recognize that even though he's not a technically a change of pace that will keep the defense honest, the contact-friendly style that he shares with Gore will get more difficult for the defenses as games go on.

IF (a legitimate "if") Coffee pans out and has some good skills to play in the NFL, it's a great addition to the offense. However, if he's thrust into a starting role, there could be problems.

What, The biggest problem for running backs in the nfl is blocking assignments. Runnning backs have a proven succesful rate, even in the later rounds. in other words running backs are the easiest position to learn.
Originally posted by Lott49ersFan:
Originally posted by Genius1310:
Thought you mighta been talkin about Ahmed Plummer....

Who's that loser?

Looks like Kwame might be at Big 5 picking up his fishing pole this year too.
DeShaun Foster's best plays always seemed to get called back on penalties.
It's good that the Niners drafted some fresh legs. I have a good feeling that I'll get used to the new 29 in a hurry. Deshaun Foster did terrible as a number 2 back.
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