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TRADED Rashard Robinson CB LSU - 4th Round pick - BYE RASHARD

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Lulz forgot about this guy
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Lol the mantis.
How do you get caught with edibles? Dude must have had them in plain sight.
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didn't he also sent a tweet about being cut by SF was a "blessing in disguise"...

I sure hope he saved some of that money he made, wont need to steal them LAPTOPS !!
Originally posted by 49oz2superbowl:
Yeah edibles not a huge deal but multiple people said he had one of the worst off field eval of that entire draft. Violated rules and suspended countless times. Reason he only played 7 games for LSU and why we had our pastor / psychologist do a ton of eval on him too.

It is only a huge deal when it is a condition of employment.
Lol fkin baalke
This guy has all the tools and he has solid work ethic. But mentally hes immature.. damn shame.
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