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Joshua Garnett OG - 28th overall pick, released

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I don't agree with trading up but our O-line sucked last year.

It's not sexy but didn't our team just get two day one starters? Excellent job Baakle & Kelly

Moved into the late 1st and got an All American Guard from Stanford.
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Good pick. Maybe a reach in the 1st though.
Please don't be another Kwame

We did not need to trade up for this.
How is this a smart move?
I like the pick but I think we could've got him in the 2nd without trading back in the 1st round.
really like this pick. idk gonna be a good player.

Whoa, gave up what... 2nd, 4th, and 6th.

Baalke sure knows how to be a KJ after the great 7th overall pick.
At least is wasn't Cook! I with it would of been Spence or Jack! Or AShawn Robinson
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They jumped in front of Seattle who may have taken him
Yeeeeeeeesssssss!!!!!! Motherf**kers! In the words of Jim Harbaugh - A++++ on this first round. Yes I am grading 1st round A++, don't even care it's way too premature.
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You want to know why we traded up? Leapfrog the Cardinals, and snag Garnett and keep him for 5 years with the rookie deals that are first round picks.
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