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Tank Carradine Thread

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Picked up Carradine and a 2014 3rd rounder. Sweet deal!
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Originally posted by Envy:
Get Justin on the phone now...

who is justin
KICK A$$!!!

Welcome to the Niners

Tank !!!!!!!
Someones got to give Barrows some love!
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Holy sh!t no matter what happens from here on out, this draft is an A!!!!
Originally posted by SportsFan:
Originally posted by theduke85:


uh between all the "Fap for Kap" and "Wank for Tank" I am getting a little worn out TBPH IMHO FWIW
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Just glad they didn't go offense.

DL needs some love and I'm glad they got a highly rated prospect.
Originally posted by thl408:
Not just Tank, but Tank plus a 2014 3rd rounder. Titans will probably be mid roundish.

In fairness though, we did use a third to trade up for Reid. So it's a net wash.
Is he expected to replace Justin Smith at DE, Ahmad Brooks at OLB, or be a situational pass rusher?
So it's like 2011 all over again, niners literally drafted 2 first rounders at the price of separate picks.
Originally posted by Kolohe:
Holy sh!t no matter what happens from here on out, this draft is an A!!!!

The first 2 picks are incredible IMO. We win the Super Bowl next year no doubt.
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