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Is Dashon Goldson the best FS in the NFL?

His coverage has gotten a lot better over the years, so yea, I'd say he's in the top 3-5. He doesn't have any clear weaknesses anymore. Hits hard, tackles well, makes plays on the ball, is good in run support, and the 49ers haven't given up very many deep passes this year. How much more could you ask from him?
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Originally posted by sincalfaithful:
Wilson isn't very good...Goldson's raked in more INTS in 3.5 years then Wilson has in 7.5 lol

Thanks for answering the question.
Goldson is a muthaf**kin' beast.
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being serious, Reed is the "standard" for an elite FS but his skills are in decline, he hasn't stayed healthy and is definitely in the twilight of his career. Berry and Thomas will be elite or at least have a good shot it in a couple of years, same with Jairus Bryd but as of right now, based on recent seasons the "elite" FS's in the league are Goldson and Weddle.
Id say definitely top 3. Pro bowl last year and most likely this year. BE AFRAID.
I don't know if he's the best, yet. But he's easily the most feared. That hit against Marshawn Lynch in the backfield doesn't take place with any other FS in the NFL.
At the moment yes, he never gets beat deep, and he is as sure of a tackler as anyone else so yeah.
He is definitely one of the best. Easily top 5. Maybe top 3. He's still underrated on the WZ massively. Our D would take a horrendous hit without him.
Show The Hawk the money. Pay the man!!
goldson is the best. hes always around the ball and he lights motherf**kers up!!!

He's really impressed me at how much he's improved. Ill say yea right now he's the best. There's a group of Weddle, Thomas, Berry, and Reed that I'd put him just at the top of.
This year I would have to say yes. He should be 1st-team All-Pro.
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Ed Reed is ok in pass coverage. Always has a nose for the ball and taking it to the house.
He is always banged up. Dude is old / in the twilight of his career.

I think Goldson definitely is in the conversation. But sometimes he is too reckless going for a big tackle instead of wrapping a dude up. He has gotten significantly better over his career, but thats his downfall.
I agree with the George Wilson post. And Mark Roman is the best FS in the league. Mother f**kin Ballhawk!
On a side note, why in the blue hell is Goldson only an 86 overall with only 86 speed in Madden?! Preposterous!
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