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Which coach gets fired this year?

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Leslie Frazier
Norv Turner
Pat Surmur
Chan Gailey
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Originally posted by Chico:
hopefully, it's Pete Carroll

I cant stand the guy but I'm fine with the opportunity to beat him twice a year

thank God he isn't our coach
Ken Whisenc*nt fasho!
Originally posted by sdniner:
Hey mediocrity is give Norvel a little too much credit

Originally posted by captain_planet:
Rex Ryan will get fired. But maybe his wife can help him get his foot in the door somewhere else.

Now that's a good one lol
norv turners underwhelming ways are over i think and prolly whisenc**t
Originally posted by Chico:
hopefully, it's Pete Carroll

They can keep him tell the contract is up, I like winning. Mike shanny isn't getting fired they just draft RG3 and got a qb finally. My money is on Norv unless the make the playoffs i think this is the last chance. And Arizona maybe but that's unless skelton steps up and plays well, Kolb starts his job is over!
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If the cowboys finish below 500 again Garret is out the door.
Whiz and norv are my two bets. I don't see Rex getting fired. Garrett maybe
Vikings, Chargers, Cards, and maybe Eagles
Originally posted by susweel:
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
idk, but our OC is gone next season fo sure.

Roman is way overrated on this board personally I think we could do a lot better at OC.

I don't understand why everyone thought we'd be losing Roman. Our offense was pretty weak last year. Unless they improve dramatically this year, he hasn't done anything to be offered a head coaching job.

Vic Fangio is another story. I'm surprised he's still here.

Originally posted by JimA49ers:
Coughlin. Well, not actually fired, but threatened, because each time he is, the luckiest team in sports start to win games.

Step 1. Already looked awful with a LOSS at home against another awful team. Keep up the bad work boys (both of you!).
Originally posted by sincalfaithful:

Chan is done.
Really surprised how terrible the Eagles were coached yesterday. Don't think Reid gets the boot but in a city that booed Santa Claus - you never can tell.
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Originally posted by FL9er:

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