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Tramaine Brock Thread

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Originally posted by NeeJ49er:
Originally posted by Tatermitts99:
Originally posted by NYniner85:
Who went to Seattle from another team that became elite...jimmy graham isn't as good as he was in NO?

Chris Clemons
Cliff Avril
Michael Bennett
*Michael Wilhoite

little premature to be putting Wilhoite on there dont ya think ? ...agree on the other names , obviously they became impact players , if Wilhoite becomes an effective Seahawk , I'll mail you a brand spanking new "Gabe Wilkins Jersey" or an XL "Antonio Langham Jersey"

I have a Kevan Barlow jersey available!

Ian Rapoport

The @NFL has concluded its investigation into CB Tramaine Brock, and it informed Brock there is "insufficient evidence to support a finding" that he violated the personal conduct policy. The investigation is closed, no further action will be taken.

Name got dragged through the rug by local media... fans on 9er forums/twitter.... and then national media.

Then again when he was picked up by the Seahawks..... then again when he was traded to the Vikes.

What do you do if you were him? This situation has cost you millions and your name.

Best answer I guess is train your ass off in the offseason and be ready for teams next year. :/
Signed by the Broncos! 1 year 4 mill.

Will finally have legit pass rush to help his aggressive style?
[ Edited by Afrikan on Mar 19, 2018 at 4:37 PM ]
Originally posted by Afrikan:
Signed by the Broncos! 1 year 4 mill.

Will finally have legit pass rush to help his aggressive style?

probably. he developed into a solid corner. A lot better than I thought he would be.

I wonder what role he would've played for us, he is smaller than what saleh wants so maybe nickle?
Brock seems like he's been around forever. Usually with players who bounce around with one year deals, who are getting older... usually you'd expect them to get cut for younger cheaper players this time of year.

BUT it seems like Brock had a chance to compete for the starting role vs Roby for the Broncos.. but had a hamstring injury and missed week one of preseason.

We'll see how the season goes.
[ Edited by Afrikan on Aug 31, 2018 at 11:41 PM ]
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