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i ask you this...

what is the team you hate the most and why?
How is this Niner Talk?
Toronto Maple Leafs
cards hawks and eagles. god a hate birds.
The steelers, because I live right in the heart of Steeler country, and this stupid sixburgh sh!t really gets to me.
cowboys and now the eagles because of the snowballs!....cant wait to see philly fans at the stick! there wont be snow but baseballs are close!
Cowboys and Steelers.
Certain lesbians because they take some of the hottest ladies off the meat market...

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Any team that resides in New York, Philly or the entire New England region....oh yeah and obviously the Cowboys....and Kobe Bryant...I know he is not a team but I can't stand that dude. Ok I am done.

Cowboys. I was going to win $50.00 bucks if the Cowboys covered the spread against the Vikings, and I was still rooting against them.
Montreal Alouettes!

Raiders because of the ignorant fans they have.
I hate this thread
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i like the gucci gucci
i like the dolla bill
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