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Battle of the Undefeateds: Saints vs. Colts

Battle of the Undefeateds: Saints vs. Colts

At this point in the season, which team is better? Which team has a better shot at perfection?

Both Offenses are loaded:
Brees vs. Manning
Colston, Meachem, Henderson vs. Wayne, Collie, Garcon, Gonzo
Shockey vs. Clark
Thomas, Bell, Bush vs. Brown, Addai
I'll go with the Colts. The Saints have been struggling with below average teams lately
Manning > Brees

But Saints D I think may be higher ranked, they get a lot of their interceptions when teams are forcing it because they're playing from behind.

hm......I'd go with Colts winning in a matchup
The Saints are going to falter. They've lost players in the Defensive backfield that were having Pro Bowl caliber years (Tracy Porter). They're also playing without Sedrick Ellis. I don't think they're going to recover from that because they'll have to go back to trying to just outscore teams in shootouts every game, and if their offense can't get rolling to its highest ability, it's over.

I liked them as Super Bowl favorites early on. But now Manning and the Colts are slightly better, because New Orleans' defense just got worse with the injuries they've suffered.
Saints. They are more balanced.
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Originally posted by NineFourNiner:
Saints. They are more balanced.

This. You can't win w/o a decent running game.
I think the Saints are a more complete team but I think the Colts would win if they played each other right now.
Neither team should want to make the attempt. You're putting way too much on yourself. Once these teams wrap up home field you rest your players and you gear up for the post season.
Originally posted by YuNGaCE:
I'll go with the Colts. The Saints have been struggling with below average teams lately

Can't the same be said about the Colts?

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Colts I guess by a hair, tho their running game is really nothing these days despite having 2 first round running backs. I doubt either team goes the distance, as I see the Colts losing a game or 2 and the Saints the same
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Saints for me. Whilst its hard to knock Manning and his team after a great game last night I believe that the Saints have too much firepower. They have a better ground game than the Pats and Payton has shown a quick ability to switch up his plays.
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