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Clevelands GM Fired for talent level....

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Stupid decisions like this are why the Browns are going to remain a very bad team for years to come. That team has very little talent on it, so it's going to take years to improve it. They need to allow some time for things to work out before just
going in there and firing people.

you should try saying that in niner talk with people wanting sing an raye fired

Look forward to seeing that thread!

this is gonna be good

Sing and Raye have done nothing to warrant being fired. But McCluless is another story...

Oh, I've hinted at it a few times, but why even go there? Fans are passionate and they live in the here and now; whereas football is a business that requires chess like moves over the long term. If we were to fire every player or coach as soon as our fans started whining about them, we would be left with just Willis and a handful of other players; we would have no continuity; and we would be the joke of the league. But just try to argue that one out with a fan that is only seeing red because the latest television coverage apparently caught him making that one bad play.
there has been some rerarted trades of late
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