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Urban Meyer's famous quote on Alex

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If Turner returned in 2007 Smith would have had more touchdowns than picks, the constant change at coordinator really hurt him... and yeah maybe Raye's system is similar to Turners, I don't know. But I'm hoping he can keep playing like he did vs the Texans, you know people call players like Smith and even David Carr the biggest busts but look at the teams they are placed on... no wonder? I'm all for Smith makin a comeback.

Btw, what about Cody Pickett
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okay, so now no more excuses right? He's had time to learn and recover from his shoulder injury.

Thats right. If he fails now we can say he was a bust and move on. I hope he plays like the #1 player taken in the draft.

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P.S. aside from 30 minutes this season, Smith made ALL his progress under Hostler. He was the only QB coach he had in the NFL in the seasons he actually played in real games.
Which was very little.

The progress Alex made from 05' to 06' was obvious and dramatic! I would not say it was due to the tutelage of Jim Hostler in any way but to say he made very little progress while Hostler was the QB coach is ridiculous.

norv turner

that is my thought as well.
Turner taught Smith the digital system, which is relatively easy to learn. However, Smith continued to have the same technical flaws all during that entire time. His drops continuted to be slow - sometimes his first step was with his right foot, other times his left. He continued to wait for a receiver to get open and then throw the ball instead of throwing to the spot and letting the receiver run there to get open, etc.

The Alex Smith we saw last Sunday was a much different than the guy that played for Hostler/Turner. Everything about his technique and mechanics has changed, including his release point being higher than it was. Even he has gone on record saying he is finally getting help on these things.

Sorry guys, I'm not changing my mind on this. Turner is grossly over-rated as a QB coach. The only truly good QB he ever had was Aikman and he benefitted from a GREAT team around him. Every other place Turner has been he has had average, at best, QBs who did not get much better under his watch. Even Philip Rivers, who some continue to think will be great, is no better now than he was two years ago - he still makes the same mistakes. Turner was nothing in Washington or Oakland and the Chargers continue to under-achieve.

Unless last Sunday was a total aberration, I will continue to hold that Mike Johnson is a better QB coach than anything the 49ers have had in the last ten years...he has made a noticeable difference.

Work calls.

Urban Meyer and Jimmy G 2020
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