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MadDog's Thoughts on this Draft

Greetings, my draft friends!

I hope you have all had a great year getting ready for tonight. It is always Christmas for me. Although I have not been as active in viewing hundreds of prospects this year, due to a lack of time and commitment....and the team picking toward the end of the second round....I have been watching enough prospects to say that I really like some of these players, and think the team can improve with some key draftees.

A couple thoughts:
1. I love the very top end of the WR class. My WR board looks like this:
1) Williams
2) London
3) Olave
4) Wilson
5) Moore
6) Burks

2. The Jags would be foolish to overthink this draft. The best player is clearly Hutchinson. After Hutchinson, I have Sauce, Neal, Stingley, Williams, Thibodeaux, Lloyd and Ekwonu. Knowing the Jags, they will pick up Walker, which would be a boneheaded move. I don't even have him in my top 10 players in this draft.

3. The Niners can sit back and wait for a great player to come to them. I think the sweet spot for this draft is the second and third rounds. At 61, I am hoping one of these players fall to them: McBride, Moore, Pitre. l believe all of these guys are stars, and would greatly help the team.

4. Second day (maybe third day) guys who jumped off the screen to me in my video review, and players who are higher on my board than others:
* Moore- The most overlooked player in the draft
* Pitre- So explosive. Makes so many plays.
* McBride- imagine the Niners lining him up on the other side of the field from Kittle.
* Strange- Awesome people mover. Great athleticism on the field.
* Chenal- a monster in the middle. Completely ignored in this process by many.
* Paschal- 3 time team captain. Relentless beast. Great character.
* Bell- Playmaker. Don't care about his 40 time. Just produces against solid Big Ten defenses.
* Bonitto- Jumps off the screen. Explosive.
* Asamoah- Flies all over the field. Closes so quickly.

Man, get me some of these guys......

5. I am looking forward to this weekend. As always, I will be on the live draft board to make my on-the-clock selections (for public record).

Looking forward to catching up with all of you soon,

Where the heck ya been
A very welcomed surprise.
Like Skyy Moore and Leo Chenal but I think they go with pass rush and safety early and we have LB locked up. Love the players though
Welcome back. Excellent timing!
Nice to see your face in this place.
welcome sight to see you MadDog, always printed your big board in previous years, hope your sons hockey is going well!

Bell's draft process has been interesting, I agree will be a good pro who is a chain mover and makes contested catches down the field.

Do you think Pitre plays slot at the next level? Or do you see him playing deep? I like his counter part JT Woods, he needs a year to develop but could be a great single high with ball skills, would love to hear your thoughts on him?

Many a draft where I had your cheat sheet as a watchalong.
Originally posted by English:
Welcome back. Excellent timing!


Admittedly, I don't watch college ball and haven't really looked into this year's class....BUT....

Is it just me or has there never been a quieter, less hyped draft. I know there aren't any QBs but in general, I know zero players in this one.

Is it a really weak class at the top/round 1? Or is something else at play? Don't recall one being this "boring" with no flash since the Eric Fisher 2013 draft.
The OG has spoken!!
What do you think about some of these linebackers? Muma, Maye, Chenal, Troy Anderson, and Christian Harris? All seem to be hyper athletic
Always great to hear from you, MD. Hope you and your family are well.
Nice one MadDog you called it Travon Walker
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