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Which position do you think the 49ers will take FIRST in the NFL Draft?

Which position do you think the 49ers will take FIRST in the NFL Draft?

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Ahmad Brooks Confident in New 49ers Secondary @AhmadBrooks55 #49ers #NFL

His video gets you fired up!

All you can hear is wind and pain! LOL
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WR or DB. BPA between the two. A safety that can cover is a priority, IMO. Gone are the days of a box safety. The few that are still around will be very limited in PT.

Possible trade back up to get the alternate position to the one that goes first.

With the college game going more and more to wide open passing, it is inevitable there will continue to be more and more WRs and DBs coming in the draft. That means more pro teams will have access to that same pantry of players. A replacement for Crabtree will be an easier reality. I do not have confidence he can be re-signed for an affordable price.

OLB is choice 2b. I just don't see how Baalke can go into the season without a strong replacement for All Done in the wings. I look at Smith and see Chris Henry in different clothes. He can't be trusted on a team that is in Super Bowl or Bust mode.

Gonna be a wild draft room at 4949.
It depends who the organisation see as most likely to still be here in 2015 - or will Crabtree and Aldon both be gone? If they think Aldon is gone they should trade wherever necessary for the best pass rusher they feel they can get. As our D is about front 7 (or 6 in most passing downs) getting pressure.

My immediate thought is still CB, but there is a feeling that elite pass rushers normally go top 20, and in this draft it may just be top 10, where as very good WRs and DBs could be available in 2nd or 3rd round this year.

If a pass rusher like Barr is still there after top 10 I could see us move up for him, but I think he could be gone.
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I think Baalke should take a WR, but my guess is CB. If Culliver escapes jail time or significant suspension time, he'll be able to play this season. So, with Crabtree entering the final year of his initial contract and expecting to get paid as one of the elite, WR seems like a more pressing position than CB. Both are needed, but I see WR as the most critical.

Agreed. 49ers cannot go into the season with just Boldin/Crabs/Lloyd/Patton. They need to invest for the present AND future with a franchise receiver.

Actually a rookie receiver will see very little playing time barring injuries. 2 starters in place, with Patton and Lloyd available it would be hard for a rookie to see playing time. I do think it is important that we draft a receiver and hopefully 2 because it takes time to develop them and Boldin and Lloyd won't be around for long and Crabtree is no lock either.

For this upcoming season CB is the more pressing need. Culliver is coming off a big injury and hasn't been a starter yet. Brock is the only proven high quality starter we have and you need 3 starting CB's in the NFL. Even if we assume Culliver can start and play well we need 1 more unless someone else steps up like Brock did.
Eric Davis on the 49ers NFL am: 49ers #1 need is a speed WR someone who can stretch the field they been looking for one for years. If not they will have the same issues in press coverage if you see what the rams and cardinals have signed they are going the same.
CB .....but like I have said before, never be surprised what direction we take ..Baalke might move up and take a QB for all we know? ...all I know is I trust our front office ..Just hoping its a CB or WR
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