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Whad'ya want 'em to do?

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Originally posted by TheFunkyChicken:
Originally posted by mayo49:
Originally posted by TheFunkyChicken:
I feel pretty good about sitting where they are and going WR, CB, WR, S with the first 4 picks. With that strategy you could end up with 4 future starters at positions we have, or will have, needs. Ideally you'd be looking at something like:

WR - Benjamin/Beckham/Lee
CB - Jean-Baptiste/Roberson/Watkins
WR - Moncrief/Landry/Bryant
S - Dixon/Bailey/Bucannon/Loston

Nice list.


I would be happiest with a Benjamin, Jean-Baptiste, Moncrief, Bucannon combination I think. I'd be excited about any combination of those guys, but I think those 4 in particular would give us 4 big, dynamic player makers on offence and defence. To me, those are the kind of guys you want to stock your team with.

And my thinking is that giving yourself more chances to hit on something can often be better than investing a lot in one guy. So why not draft multiple WRs and CBs since we know we need them?

Would love to follow those picks up with some other guys in the later rounds like Purifoy, Ellington, Archer, or Trey Burton.

Yeah, I'd take anyone of those combinations.
Trade up a few spots if need be and get Verrett (or worst case Fuller) and then trade up from 56 to get Matthews (or Beckham). If Jarvis Landry makes it to the 3rd have to take him. If they think Culliver will be suspended possibly use our other 2nd on BPA at CB. If not BPA possibly at C/G (someone to replace Iupati/backup C) or BPA at DE (say Easley, Jones or Sutton, let Tomsula work his magic, future starters). I'm fine if they want to trade down and get some more picks for next year as well. Could trade a pick outright for a round higher next year if possible (ex: a 2nd for 1st next year).
I want 'em to do up, but not in the 1st rd, trade out of it to get another 2nd rd pick. That said, if there's a particular player Baalke and Harbaugh really want, I'd have no problem trading up a few slots to get him. Just no way I can see TB trading way up in rd one...just too expensive. Say he trades out of the #30 spot...and gets another 2nd, now he's really got some flexibility to do a lot of things. He can trade up in that round like he did to get Kap...and has the picks to do it.
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