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Tico's "Oh Snap!" 2012 Mock V 2.0

1 IND A. Luck QB Stanford--No brainer
2 WAS R. Griffen QB Baylor--See #1

Trade: Miami and Minny
3 MIA R. Tannehill QB Texas A&M--I'm am of the group that believes that a franchise QB trumps all. The market for these guys is through the roof. Miami desperately needs a new QB. They get their's at a price and Cleveland is stuck with McCoy.

4 CLE T. Richardson RB Alabama
5 TB M. Claiborne CB LSU

6 STL F. Cox DE/DT Miss. St. I believe they will want Cox and then draft their WR in the second with some great choices available.

7 JAC J. Blackmon WR OK ST.--They run to the podium even though they need a pass rush, can't deny this prospect's value to Gabbert. He instantly becomes their #1 WR.

8 MIN M. Kalil OT USC--Man, talk about lucky. They get the same guy they wanted at #3, but add a boatload of picks on top of it. Dang!

9 CAR S. Gilmore CB S. Carolina--I know they need a DT, but they also need a CB. To me, Gilmore is another fast rising prospect. Since Cox is gone, they have Gilmore graded higher in this Mock than Poe. Therefore, Gilmore it is.

10 BUF R. Reiff OT Iowa
11 KC D. Poe NT Memphis
12 SEA L. Kuechly ILB BC
13 ARI M. Ingram DE/OLB S. Carolina
14 DAL D. DeCastro OG Stanford

Trade: SF trades with Phi
15 SF M. Floyd WR ND--Whoa Tico, now this is just BS. I don't think so. Floyd may not even make it out of the top 13 and some are saying he's better, stronger and faster than Blackmon. Not me, mind you, but some pros out there in the Draft Circuit. After his visit to 49erLand, Baalke and Harbaugh fell in love and he now comes in to compete for their #1. He will compete for the Flanker spot. Is this the end of Crabs, nah. Floyd just increased the talent depth and made it a position of strength now. I can see the new pecking order being Floyd, Crabs, Moss, and Manningham as the top four, damn!!!! Floyd and Moss on the edge with Crabs at the slot would make Ds cringe on a 3-WR set. Heck, now we can even go to a 4-WR set, something we didn't do much of and there is no tape for. Hmmm...

BTW, having fun with this mock. Don't believe it will happen because it could be too expensive, but an interesting thought nonetheless. If they would jump up for a prospect, it would only be Floyd, IMO.

16 NYJ C. Upshaw DE/OLB Alabama
17 CIN C. Glenn OT/OG Georgia
18 SD M. Barron SS Alabama
19 CHI Q. Coples DE N. Carolina--Falls a bit and the Bears can't be anymore happy.
20 TEN M. Brockers DT LSU
21 CIN D. Kirkpatrick CB Alabama
22 CLE R. Randle WR LSU--I say Randle goes before Wright here as they need a true #1.
23 DET J. Martin OT Stanford
24 PIT D. Hightower ILB Alabama
25 DEN C. Fleener TE Stanford--Another surprise for Peyton. Instead of a DT, they go with our boy, Fleener.
26 HOU K. Wright WR Baylor--perfect fit beside Johnson.
27 NE W. Mercilus OLB/DE Illinois
28 GB N. Perry OLB/DE USC
29 BAL P. Konz OC/OG Wisconsin
30 PHI J. Wothy DE/DT Mich St.--They trade out and still get a very good DT.
31 NE K. Reyes DT/DE NC
32 NYG M. Adams OT Ohio St.

Eh, it's a mock.
Wouldn't be mad with trading up for Floyd. Doubt Kalil would fall past STL at 6. Cox or Kaili? I think Rams take the LT of the future.

Anyway, looks like a solid mock.
I like it!

Hypothetically, are we talking about 1st, 2nd, and 3rd to move up? or maybe 1st, 2nd, and 4th?
i dont think we trade up in the 1st, i think thats why we went after manningham and moss... we are gonna hit BPA at #28 or trade out into the early 2nd round.. maybe pull a pats to pick up a future 1st rounder in exchange to trade back to there 2nd or something along those lines...
i wish we could trade up but it may cost us our first, second, and third to get that done. I think it's worth the price.
Don't think Floyd's worth potentially that many picks...there are other needs, like OG/C, RB. If Baalke trades up, it might be for Fleener...Harbaugh doesn't want to let another very good Stanford receiver get away (re: Baldwin last year). Fleener already knows the offense, so could be productive right away and create some horrible matchups for opposing defenses. 2nd rd get your OG/C, maybe Turbin or Quick in 3rd/4th rd.
Wouldn't be mad trading up to get Floyd but we would have to give away a lot for him
Not likely to happen, but would be if it did.
we're trading out of the 1st if fleener and hill are gone at 30.
nice thoughts,but,i think we stand pat at #30. we pick best player available. i kind of think thats gonna come from the de/dt position

You're 'oh snap' for the 49er trade-up to #15 makes sense. Our 2nd and 5th get the deal done for a trade-up.

But Kalil would never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never fall to #8. He's a #1 overall pick in a weak draft class -- like we've seen in recent years.
Thanks Tico for a very enjoyable mock.
floyd would be awesome but that may be a lot to give up to move 15 spots. i agree with a few others tho if floyd decastro hill and fleener arent there at 30 were trading back
Originally posted by nickbradley:
You're 'oh snap' for the 49er trade-up to #15 makes sense. Our 2nd and 5th get the deal done for a trade-up.

But Kalil would never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never fall to #8. He's a #1 overall pick in a weak draft class -- like we've seen in recent years.

Oh, I hear ya man!

Still, take a look at my mock...

#3 Tannehill
#4 Richardson--They have Thomas
#5 Claiborne--They really, really need a CB more so than replacing their LOT.
#6 Cox--They have Kalil, Blackmon AND Cox to choose from. WRs deep class and they have two OTs worthy of starting position. If any team, it would be StL.
#7 Blackmon--They have a LOT already and NO #1 WRs for Gabbert.

And whala!!! We're at #8 with the Vikes on the clock...hmmmm, sure looks like a possibility rather than a certain million nevers.

Hey! And thanks to all for the comments. I really am sticking with Tannehill at #3 doe... That's OTC slappin upside my head. lol
[ Edited by ninertico on Apr 11, 2012 at 3:47 PM ]
Tannehill at 3 would be a HUGE reach, a bigger reach than Heward-Bey and Crabtree...

IMHO Tannehill has potential but needs to sit for a yer or two.
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