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Re-worked all-round Mock Draft

Originally posted by dj43:
I like a RB in the third. Worked with Gore.

Doubt Konz will drop that far but would love the guy at #30.

A 2nd round pick should be a starter by the end of the first season. Do you think Streeter will get there?

IMO streeter is more of a project but with him behind randy moss and soaking up his knwledge, he will be very good for years to come. Itd be a very good pick for the organizations future WR corps
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nick....good job..good job indeed
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Originally posted by pete98146:
I actually love your draft. Alex still gets way too much pressure right up the gut. One of the guys posted stats and our OL still gives up WAY TOO many "quick sacks."
If we are able to give Alex a few more seconds back there then it can't help but improve in areas what we are underperforming ie 3rd downs and red zone efficiency.
Konz starts from day one and he'll help solidify the line. Aside from having to hit the weight room to improve his upper body strength, he's a stud.

I'd love to somehow get Joe Adams to be our backup receiver/return man but I don't think he'll be available past the second round and I'd rather have a guy like Streeter.

Good job .

Actually Adams somehow is a 4th rd project soo he might be there. But yeahh, after the way FA is going, I think we need to address OG. Hopefully we can get one in FA soo we don't have to reach for one in the draft.
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Originally posted by martysofresh:
Actually Adams somehow is a 4th rd project soo he might be there. But yeahh, after the way FA is going, I think we need to address OG. Hopefully we can get one in FA soo we don't have to reach for one in the draft.

I think RG/C, WR, RB, and KR/PR are our greatest needs in this draft and all of this is depenedent upon how the FO sees Kilgore,Person, Beeler. So if they pick a center/guard in FA or the draft, or the people released after TC we will address the issues. Good draft.
Love it. Love the first 4 picks. Though we may not draft a CB in first 4 rounds with Rogers and Cox signed.

I would add a ILB over a DL, if Grant leaves of course, which would mean a 7th round pick, then we could use it on a ILB.
Nick, love the picks. I wonder whether Konz wouldn't immediately placed at center. This would move Goodwin to RG where he'd give A. Davis some stability as Snyder gave him last year. I really don't want inexperienced guys next to Davis. If Konz is gone, then choose Zeitler and place him at RG.
Very solid, and realistic. I love Konz as a the first round pick. Makes perfect sense. Streeter could bust, but with the need and potential it makes sense. Mostly though, I love the Turbin selection. He would be a perfect back to take over Dixon's job (sorry Anthony :/ ) and provide a 1-2 thunder and lightning punch with Hunter when Gore hangs it up. I'm sure he'd be effective on special teams as well.
If you have them drafting Konz he's not playing guard. He's the new starting center from day 1
I like this draft too...

I love the way you addressed both the OL and DL...positions that essentially need constant upgrades on an NFL roster. Konz can be plugged in at center or guard right away and both DL picks would be solid additions to the rotation. Even if the Niners add an OG in free agency (likely), the team still needs another prospect on the OL and Konz still has a first round grade.

Turbin is a terrific pick to add to the RB rotation. The jury is out on Streeter of course and he is a bit of risk at 62 but with good coaching, the Niners should be able to get some productivity out of him. Who knows, perhaps even Moss could help him.

Agree with AB that drafting a CB is now a lower priority (I can see the team drafting a safety though)....unless of course, the team is looking at Cox as a potential safety. At this point, it appears likely the team is going to have to draft at least one linebacker for depth/ST so I can see the Niners pulling the trigger on an OLB prospect at that point.

I'm still a big fan of adding Fleener to the team's RZ offense so if the Niners add Konz at 30, I'd like to see them trade up in the second to get Fleener (unless NY takes him at 32 of course). Just my preference though...and I would be very happy if the draft unfolded this way.

Nice work.


I have Hebron on my draft board, jsut haven't posted the entire thing yet.

I personally don't like Turbin, I'd rather take Tauren Poole

And in the 2nd round, I'd prefer to take Chris Givens or A.J. Jenkins over Streeter.
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Love this draft. Don't know why but I really want to upgrade our OL in the first round. I even stated in another thread that I would be game to give up our 3rd if we could move up to get Decastro. When I watch the Patriots, I am impressed by two things: Number 1 is how great of pass protection Tom Brady gets, and number 2 is Tom Brady.

I know we have WR needs and you address them with Streeter if he falls to us in the second. If Moss can be 85-90% of the WR he was in 2009, then we have time to groom a talent like Streeter. It is a gamble but it is funny how WRs seem to get open more if the QB has another second or two to find them.
Originally posted by JustinNiner:
i would love this draft! one of the best that ive seen!!!!
+1. Good job!
Originally posted by nickbradley:
I've noticed that Peter Konz has slipped a bit in the mock drafts out there, while Tommy Streeter looks more like a late 2nd/early 3rd round guy now. I really like the idea of having Konz and Kilgore compete in camp, with Konz sliding over to C in 2013 or 2014. Also remember that we don't really have any depth at C if Snyder leaves.

30. Peter Konz, C/G, Wisconsin - RG is a current-year need - Konz can play guard well and is a polished center. So in 2012, we'll have a training camp battle at Right Guard between Konz and Kilgore. Either way, Konz will be the backup center and take over for Goodwin in 2013 or 2014 -- or sooner if Goodwin gets hurt. His athleticism makes him a great pass blocker and excels bump-blocking DTs and moving onto the LB. Great pickup at #30.

62. Tommy Streeter, WR, Miami - Randy Moss measurables (6-5 220, 4.4. speed) but incredibly raw. Probably won't play a whole lot as a rookie, but that's OK -- he'll learn a lot and be ready to go in 2013 after a year sitting behind Moss.

93. Robert Turbin, RB, Utah State - BPA Pick. Great value - we need a third back to split time with the others, esp. if Gore goes down. Also, Turbin is a good short yardage runner.

125. Jamell Fleming, CB, Oklahoma - Depth in the Secondary, somebody to develop in case Tarell Brown leaves in Free Agency after 2013.

157. Hebron Fangupo, DT/NT, BYU - Dude is a total badass that nobody has really noticed, for some reason. Will be a great guy to put in the rotation. Also, Soap and RJF are free agents after the 2012 season.

190. Trevor Guyton, DE, California - Nice 5-technique prospect

220. Greg McCoy, CB/KR, TCU - Another defensive back, with good return skills. We'll need a backup return man with Ginn probably leaving...Cox is dangerous but he could get in trouble again.

im feelin the Konz pick. I have him as a possibility in my draft too. Same with the Turbin pick. Check it out.
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