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This may be the most boring draft season has been in a long time. Adding to the sluggishness, with the CBA issues, there's hardly any talk of trades and the like. I for one cannot wait for the combine because things are just a snoozefest right now.

I don't even feel motivated to make a mock. I'd rather wait until we get some workout numbers to work with. The movement of players' stock at this point is static and it won't go anywhere until the Combine finally ensues.

This offseason could be the most painful in a LONG time. After the draft, if the CBA is not signed, there is zero activity. YIKES!!!!!

The only upside is when the CBA is finally reached, the activity will be at such a frantic rate that it will make heads spin as teams put together their roster. It is going to be nuts, and something I am looking forward to seeing. Hopefully, sooner rather than later.
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Thanks, Mad. I really like Dalton and Kaepernick, too. If everthing else was the same, it'd take Kaepernick, because of his stronger arm, and scrambling ability. Thanks, for the input.

Going to need a year or two, but Kaepernick is an intriguing player. Dalton is the kind of fiery leader that I believe Harbaugh would love on the squad. Polar opposite personality of Alex Smith.

Harbaugh seems enamored by Alex so far.

Do you think that's because he feels he has to be (due to limited options via the CBA) or because he genuinely thinks highly of him? I tend to think the latter.

I know a lot of fans are down on Smith, and I understand. I guess I don't try to think of him as a number one selection anymore but simply a guy trying to start. In that perspective, he's not as abominable as many people believe, and has a lot of tools and upside. The biggest problem with Smith is between the ears, mostly confidence.

Smith is accurate, has a strong arm, is mobile, works hard, and is very bright. These are all very positive attributes. A lot of QB coaches, and former QB's would love to work with him, and I see no difference with Harbaugh.

One final note: In Smith's last six starts, he threw for 8 TD's and only 1 INT. And in his final four games, his QB rating was 130.9, 66.0 (against the top defense in the NFL in SD), 91.0, and 107.8. So, he played pretty well the second half of the season.

Personally, I think he will never cut a break in SF, so he needs to move on. The bridge can only be burnt and reburnt so many times. But, if he does come back, I hope fans will give him a chance under a new system and coach.

could harbaugh be looking to 2012 to get his qbotf, luck or barkley?

He'd have to dramatically tank to position himself in the Luck sweepstakes. As for Barkley, I'm not sure he will be a top level pick in next year's draft. Landry Jones appears to be the better pro prospect at this point, and depending on a couple wild cards, including Terrelle Pryor, next's year's QB class could be very interesting.

Trading for a Matt Flynn or Kevin Kolb would end any speculation of drafting a 2012 QB high in the draft. So many variables.
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