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My Fantasy Keeper League (LEAGUE STARTED, FA begins immediately)

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Caron Butler

G: Derrick Rose
G: Paul George
F: Rudy Gay
F: LaMarcus Aldridge
C: Kevin Garnett
Util: Tyson Chandler
Util: Luol Deng
Util: DeAndre Jordan
BN: Jared Dudley
BN:George Hill
BN:DeMar DeRozan
BN:Brandon Roy
Michlake selects Tony Allen, G/F.

crzy is OTC.
Fortunately, Boris Diaw remains on the board...
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Steve Novak
24 selects - Jamal Crawford, G
Jeffs selects - Austin Rivers, G
Mark In Tulsa - Jared Sullinger, F/C
That's sad you guys finished before ours
Three things...

1) Trades aren't up for league vote. I reserve my rights as commish to reject a trade if there's something egregious, but my perspective is that veto power should only be used if there's a conspiracy to make another team in the league better. Far too often, people veto trades because they feel it's a bad deal for one side or the other, which I strongly disagree with. Bad trades happen, but I expect every owner to be looking out for their best interests, whether that's in the short term or the long term.

2) The trade deadline is February 21, 2013.

3) Teams that are eliminated from the playoffs will not be allowed to pick up players from the waiver wire. Being "eliminated" means that you either didn't qualify for the playoffs, or you lost in the playoffs and you're playing in the 3rd or 5th place game.

Further to this point, if I see someone who is in the playoffs pick up a player that is injured and isn't usable in the playoffs, I will reject that transaction and that player will stay on the waiver wire. The reasoning for this is because if there's a keeper quality player on the waiver wire (due to injury) during the playoffs, it's not fair if only the playoff teams have access to them but the non-playoff teams don't.
Projected regular season standings, per

1) Jeffs
2) GoldenThroat
3) 24
4) Michlake
5) crzy
6) Mark_In_Tulsa
7) Vishnu
8) AmpLee
T9) Socks
T9) Lowest Merion
T9) TheSixthRing
12) 49ersMyLife
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Jesus Christ...first Wall and then Dirk got injured...fml

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I'm surprised I don't have Amare...

Dwight took my "punt FT%" strategy very seriously last night.
Originally posted by LA9erFan:
Dwight took my "punt FT%" strategy very seriously last night.

Well now he's clearly just f**king with you.
Man, if I can hover around the .500 mark until D-Rose is ready to play, then I like my chances of squeaking into the playoffs.
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Trade deal reached between 24 and myself

24 Gets:
Tyreke Evans
Chris Bosh
My 6th Round Pick in 2013 Draft

Second round pick in 2013 Draft
24's 6th round picks in 2013 Draft
Marreese Speights
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