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Fantasy Draft Results

Just finished up my 12 team fantasy draft. 6th overall pick. Qbs went early as they have lots of bonuses in my league. 6pts for all TDs. Bonuses for TD catches, runs over 20 yards and over 50. Half point ppr. Also decent defensive scoring so they go early Draft rounds are in parentheses.

QB: Matt Ryan (2)
RB: Arian Foster (1), Ryan Mathews (3), Fred Jackson (4), Adrian Peterson (7), Rashad Jennings (13)
WR: Brandon Lloyd (5), Torrey Smith (6), Percy Harvin (8), Michael Crabtree (10), Randy Moss (12), Austin Collie (15)
TE: Jermaine Greaham (11), Kyle Rudolph (14)
K: Shayne Graham (16)
Def: Ravens (9)

Feel I'm a little weak at wr, but hoping I can trade a rb or find a FA. Love to hear criticism or comments. Thanks

We start 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3Wrs, TE, K, D
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Peterson and Harvin in rounds 7 and 8 were absolute steals.
That's a great draft in a 10 team league
Lol your RBs are insane. Need help at WR for sure though.
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