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WZ Baseball 2014

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What's Johan Santana doing?
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redrose OTC
Redrose selects(via PM) SP EDWIN JACKSON

Naitch is up
Drafting the same team, yo.

Jeff Keppinger

need a 3B since Headley is an idiot.
I will snag him before Boise does again..................... SP BRANDON BEACHY

lol. Damn you.

My picks will be made in a few.
I'll take

1B/3B/OF Todd Frazier, Cincinnati Reds


RP Bobby Parnell, New York Mets
Ninerjohn OTC

Naitch is up
Can you put Murphy in the UTIL spot?

Pick coming
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Originally posted by TheNaitch:
Can you put Murphy in the UTIL spot?

Pick coming

I was going to make my pick sooner, but then I realized everyone available sucks, so let me get my homer picks in

SP Erasmo Ramirez
jrg... mind adding Carlos Santana and Desmond Jennings to my roster please.
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