Today, San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator Curtis Modkins met with the media for the first time since joining Chip Kelly's staff. He opened by stating that he was honored to be working for Kelly and the 49ers organization. "Our guys have been really working hard. Been receptive to what we're doing. We're surrounded by a great group of coaches so it's been really good," said Modkins.

When asked who would be calling plays for the 49ers' offense, Modkins responded by saying, "Chip calls the plays. I'm sure there will be dialogue in between series."

Modkins said that meshing his style of run game with Kelly's style of offense has been easy stating that there are base philosophies that he has always been around or wanted to be around. Modkins confirmed that the offense will continue to run out of a one back set, which is the reason that 49ers fullback Bruce Miller is being converted to a tight end. Modkins called Miller a very "unique" football player who has done a good job of adjusting to what coaches are asking him to do. "He just can do a little bit of everything pretty good," said Modkins of Miller.

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Modkins' hiring does not necessarily mean that the offense will skew more toward a power running style. Modkins stated that he does not anticipate the running style to change much from what Kelly has done in the past and been very successful at. However, Kelly has been very receptive to new ideas. "A good idea has no rank. He's open to new thoughts and we're looking at all of that right now," said Modkins. "We want this to be the 49ers offense," he continued.

While discussing the offensive line, Modkins stated that Erik Pears and Trent Brown are competing at right tackle. "Unlike any of the other spots that we have, they're competing. I think both are doing a good job. I think when we get a chance to get into training camp, we'll have a better idea," said Modkins. He stated that there was no particular reason that the media has seen Pears running with the first team.

Modkins touched on the quarterback competition by stating that Blaine Gabbert has done a good job and is very athletic. On the Colin Kaepernick front, he gave no timetable for him being cleared for practice and that the decision is not up to the coaching staff. "I think what is important is that he gets cleared when he gets healthy. We'll go from there," said Modkins.

"The players will determine their roles – how they they perform," said Modkins while answering a question about sixth-round selection Aaron Burbridge, who he has been really impressed with. Modkins felt that the rookie wide receiver had really strong hands and has been doing well.