Does the coronavirus pandemic have you missing sports? Bleacher Report will be holding a 32-team simulated tournament in Madden NFL 20 and the rosters will be comprised of each franchise's all-time greats.

Each matchup will be simulated and streamed live over Twitch from March 30 until April 13 over five rounds, including a championship game between the top two squads at 5 p.m. PT on the final night.

"These rosters are available for download on Madden on XBOX, under the roster name 'LEGENDS' and user name 'beastmodeninja0,'" writes Adam Wells of Bleacher Report.

Player overlap, such as Randy Moss with the Minnesota Vikings or New England Patriots, was prevented by allowing fans to vote via Twitter on placement. This is why Deion Sanders, who played one season in San Francisco, is on the Atlanta Falcons roster and not the 49ers or Dallas Cowboys (or Washington or Baltimore, I suppose).

Below is the all-time 49ers roster that will be competing in the tournament. It is comprised of four current players — fullback Kyle Juszczyk, tackle Joe Staley, tight end George Kittle, and defensive end Nick Bosa. Share your thoughts in the comments.

  • Joe Montana, QB (99 OVR)
  • Steve Young, QB (97 OVR)
  • Roger Craig, RB (91 OVR)
  • Frank Gore, RB (90 OVR)
  • Ricky Watters, RB (90 OVR)
  • Kyle Juszczyk, FB (85 OVR)
  • Jerry Rice, WR (99 OVR)
  • Terrell Owens, WR (97 OVR)
  • Dwight Clark, WR (87 OVR)
  • John Taylor, WR (85 OVR)
  • Billy Wilson, WR (85 OVR)
  • George Kittle, TE (96 OVR)
  • Vernon Davis, TE (93 OVR)
  • Joe Staley, OL (90 OVR)
  • Forrest Blue, OL (90 OVR)
  • Bob St Clair, OL (89 OVR)
  • Guy McIntyre, OL (88 OVR)
  • Randy Cross, OL (86 OVR)
  • Charles Haley, DL (93 OVR)
  • Leo Nomellini, DL (92 OVR)
  • Nick Bosa, DL (89 OVR)
  • Bryant Young, DL (87 OVR)
  • Patrick Willis, LB (97 OVR)
  • NaVorro Bowman, LB (91 OVR)
  • Dave Wilcox, LB (90 OVR)
  • Ken Norton Jr., LB (86 OVR)
  • Jimmy Johnson, CB (93 OVR)
  • Eric Wright, CB (85 OVR)
  • Eric Davis, CB (85 OVR)
  • Ronnie Lott, CB (99 OVR)
  • Merton Hanks, CB (88 OVR)
  • Ray Werschhing, K (84 OVR)
  • Andy Lee, P (84 OVR)

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