San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan spoke with reporters before Tuesday's practice and provided some injury updates. One important note is that the team could have at least two of its defensive backs return to the field for Saturday's game against the Los Angeles Rams.

Richard Sherman will be full-go during Tuesday's practice, the first of the week. It will be a walk-through, making it a lighter session than usual, but could be a good indicator of where the veteran cornerback is in his recovery from a Grade 2 hamstring strain suffered during Week 14 against the New Orleans Saints.

"Sherm's been better since he got into the locker room at New Orleans, according to him," Shanahan told reporters with a partial smile, "and because he has that mindset, (it) is what gives him a chance to be better.

"I know our trainers feel good with letting him go out today. It will be a walk-through and stuff, but we'll be able to test that a little bit more tomorrow."

K'Waun Williams is likely to return. He is out of the concussion protocol, Shanahan said.

Then you have linebacker Kwon Alexander, who is currently on injured reserve after suffering a torn pectoral muscle during Week 9 against the Arizona Cardinals. Shanahan confirmed the report that he is eligible to return for the playoffs, but cautioned against assuming that he would do so.

"He can come back," Shanahan said before suggesting reporters shouldn't immediately tweet that out as breaking news.

"It would be awesome if he could," Shanahan continued, "but it's a really big injury, and that would be down the road. So there would be an outside chance at it, but we haven't ruled it out."

Added Shanahan: "Kwon, he's the same as Sherm. Kwon thought he could have come back the next week. They're made of the right stuff, and when you think that way, even though it's your mind, sometimes your body will follow. So we won't rule it out, but it's a long shot, and it's not any time soon."

Then Shanahan joked that reporters were now free to tweet it out.

Defensive end Dee Ford (hamstring), safety Jaquiski Tartt (ribs), and defensive lineman Jullian Taylor (elbow) aren't scheduled to take part in Tuesday's walk-through. Guard Mike Person will be limited due to some neck soreness.

Tartt is day-to-day, and Shanahan feels his safety is a lot closer to recovery than he was last week.

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