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Jimmy Garoppolo discusses 49ers’ rout of Panthers, Emmanuel Sanders’ impact

Oct 27, 2019 at 8:02 PM--

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo spoke with reporters after his team's 51-13 rout of the Carolina Panthers. Here is everything he had to say.

Transcript provided by the San Francisco 49ers Communications staff.

Might be the last time you have both of the backup tackles there if T Joe Staley comes back. I was wondering if you could quantify how they've grown and how well they performed over the last few weeks?

"Both of them, just from the beginning. When you don't notice those guys, it's a good thing. Every one of these games, it's just they're so consistent in what they do, how they approach it every day and for two young guys, it's impressive."

What difference did having WR Emmanuel Sanders have out there today make? Obviously, the first red zone touchdown of the game went to him. A bunch of third down conversions to him as well. How much easier was life for you with Emmanuel out there?

"It's always hard out there, but, having a guy like that, a savvy vet like E just makes you comfortable as a quarterback. To have him have a great day today, it'll only get better from here."

Some of those touchdowns, the guys weren't touched before they reached the end zone. From your perspective, what were you seeing? Was it just misdirection that had the Panthers going in the wrong direction on those?

"Honestly, I thought our guys up front, they were getting after them. They set the tone early, and it was just throughout the entire game, when those guys are blocking like that and doing all the dirty work up front, it makes it a lot easier for the rest of us."

On the interception, was TE George Kittle supposed to go a little bit more shallow? Did he need to get a little more deeper?

"No, just a bad decision. It was "National Tight End Day." I was trying to get George the ball. No, just bad decision, though."

Was Carolina sitting on those short routes early in the game?

"A little bit, yeah. They were jumping some of the short stuff, which helped us get some behind them on a couple third downs, actually. It helped us and we kind of knew that going into the game."

Back to the tackle thing, when you do have to get behind them, is that head coach Kyle Shanahan showing some faith in those guys, because they have to block for longer?

"Oh yeah. Those guys, we ran some double moves, just longer developing plays and they did great. Whenever you don't notice those guys or their names aren't popping up, that's a good thing."

What did you learn about RB Tevin Coleman today?

"He can fly, man. We had a trap play and he was one-on-one with the safety and he just burned him with pure speed. He did everything today. Tevin was awesome. All the running backs."

The last couple years when the momentum was sort of shifting early in the second half, maybe things would've gone differently, but what's different about this team that allowed you guys to go on that big run in the second half?

"I think it's just a good mindset by everyone, starting with the coaches, trickling down to the players. There's really no panic on the sideline. We have to go execute, do our job and I think that's what we did. When we do that, good things happen."

I saw you kind of give a fist bump to Sanders, I think it was on the screen touchdown to Tevin, because you were looking right and went back left. Was that congratulating for the route?

"All the plays are tied together with all 11 guys working together, so he was kind of the misdirection. Got the linebacker's eyes looking over there and Tev went in for the score. Like I said, it's all 11 guys working together and when it works right, it's a beautiful thing."

You obviously had good chemistry with him very quickly, he was only here for a few days. What was that process like this week?

"He's coming from a similar offense, so the verbiage is a little different, but he caught on very quickly. For a guy to be here only for a couple days and get as much playing time as he did today and really have no hiccups or anything like that, it's impressive."

What was the wind like today for you? The wind, the conditions.

"Nothing crazy. You get used to it in the stadium, I guess. It just is what it is."


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