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2013 NBA All-Star Extravaganza

Faried with the dunk of the 2nd round so far. That was sick.
This east west competition is stupid. I want to see the two best dunkers advance, not the best from each side
[ Edited by YungAce on Feb 16, 2013 at 7:48 PM ]
It's better when they don't dick around with props or run the whole length of the court and then fail.
Bledsoe's dunk was with authority. f**king dope.

"Twistity doo dah, twistity day"
Here's another stupid stunt. Two basketball fail.
Evans is a gimmick!
f**k this. Evans shouldn't be in the final.

Let's go ross.
It was a good dunk from evans, and kinda funny, but meh.
Winner Ross.
That Evans dunk looked like some old skool shawn kemp.
Much better from evans on the 2nd try, but I'd give it a 9.
Winner Ross.
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Didn't Ross only have like 2 dunks all year.