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This is were the next big things really shine out. I'm glad they brought this back .

Starts in March !

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How many SF Giants are playing in this
Originally posted by JerryRice1848:
How many SF Giants are playing in this

prolly the Venenenenezuallalnan team.
I say 6.
it's so wack that one group has Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela and another has China, Canada, Brazil, and Australia. How the f**k did they do the sorting of these groups?

One of PR, DR, or Vzla will be out after the group stage, yet they would SMASH anyone from that other group. Total fail.
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Where's all the baseball guys? Who's watching this
No Verlander, Kershaw, Trout, Harper for team USA
USABaseball ‏@USABaseball

BREAKING: USA Baseball unveils 27-man provisional roster for the 2013 World Baseball Classic. ; #TEAMUSA #WBClassic
Mitchell Boggs, RHP for Team USA

Yadier Molina, C, and Carlos Beltran, OF, for Puerto Rico

Fernando Salas, RHP, for Mexico

not THRILLED with Venezuela's roster
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Originally posted by vrabbit:
not THRILLED with Venezuela's roster

better than team USA's IMO..your dude willie bloomquist () is on the team...and mike trout isn't
fuvk YEAH
watching Japan/Brazil now
Panda Sandoval to win championship on GS for Hugo Chavez and Venezuela and everybody at AT&T goes mental
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