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2012-13 Golden State Warriors Thread.

llol what was that play denver?
9-6 here we come


oh wait we won!!
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WTF i don't think he got it
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He didn't get it off on time.
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Dude went to locker room like he won
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f**king refs.

jack and lee had some weird plays on the last couple of possessions.
haha nice! what a game!!
Who was it that said the Warriors are boring to watch??? LOL
f**k you Denver! You always give us trouble

I just have one thing to say............... that David Lee is just pure trash. I mean.. he only went 13-15. The guy missed 2 shots. Horrible.
these refs retarded as sh!t
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Warriors tied for 1st in Pacific... wow Go W's!

still don't get how they gave denver the ball back lol
Where is the crackbaby at. Guess Lee does suck huh?
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