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2012-13 Golden State Warriors Thread.

Curry!! Fiyaaaaaa
Curry is en fuego tonight. Keep feeding him the rock.
lol, the warriors looking like the oakland raiders.
Bye bye Hibbert.
Originally posted by pdizo916:
lol, the warriors looking like the oakland raiders.

David West and Hibbert were the ones retaliating. Lol'd at Curry running back
we suck again!

Originally posted by JerryRice1848:

smh.. hibbert and west some batches!

Originally posted by YungAce:

More like dancing with a little pushing.
It's embarrassing you have to hold your breath when Klay attempts a layup. Even when it's uncontested.
Even though we lost, Curry still shows how much he is developing as a leader. He is a special player.
Curry played real well. It's tough against a team with that much size, which is why Bogut pisses me off so much. The guy really is an injury waiting to happen.

Regarding the fight, Hibbert was already shoving and elbowing. Glad Lee steps up. We need that kind of toughness. Poor Curry for getting brushed aside and LOL at Biedrins trying to help and getting pushed down to the fans.
WCW suspended one game, Curry and Klaydoe fined 35K
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