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2012 California Golden Bears

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Originally posted by SofaKing:
Tough loss today. Tedford deserves credit for getting his team to play as well as they did, but he also deserves a lot of blame for putting his kicker in that situation. College kickers are not NFL kickers. They often cannot shake off a 0/2 or 0/3 start. It's almost a guaranteed miss if you put him out there again, and the kid missed it badly. Don't blame the kicker, because this one is on Tedford.

I completely blame tedford
That conference officiating crew & Cal kicker:

They were better than OSU today, but lost to conference officiating.

Bigelow = Multi-Record breaker back for Cal.**

**broken records TBA
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Draft heem
cal bout to get raped next week :(
they almost pulled it off.. they should have went for it on that 4th down knowing your kicker can't make a FG to save his life
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Not liking this
What channel is this game on?
Stream it dude. Pm me if you need the info
Or that lol
lol thanks. I thought this game would be on tv somewhere. I'm guessing it is on one of the 900 channels I have.
You guys remember that time Maynard almost threw a TD
Oh btw I did find this game on tv. It's on Comcast ch 823 P12BA.
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Originally posted by toeshawn:
The few
The proud
The Bears

lol so original