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2012 US Open @ The Olympic Club, San Francisco.

Come on Tiger. Stay in it so tomorrow when I am there it is exciting.
That amateur kid is still in this thing. Amazing.
He is terrible today.
Just finished watching. What a horrible round of golf for Tiger.
Tiger needs to pull his head out of his ass today. If he can't then I'll be rooting for Ernie Els.
I think that Furyk has just played to solid all weekend and that he is the ultimate grinder. I Doubt he will fold under the pressure of the moment. Someone is going to have to play exceptionally well to go by him.
I think a European wins again. McDowelll or Westwood will hold the trophy. Rooting for Furyk or Els though.
Time to make a run Tiger, lets f**king go!
Well it looks like Tiger has officially given up. Good for you Tiger you f**king douchenozzle.
If Westwood or McDowell wins I'll falconpunch somebody

Just got back from golfing with my pops. 104 freaking degrees.

Anyway, just in time to see a great finish to this Open Championship.
I just have this feeling someone like Webb Simpson is going to steal this Championship out from under the current leaders.
Can McDowell sink this putt to tie?

And Furyk Choke jobs in the end. Too bad. He played well for so long.
Yeah, I called that.

Just got home from the Open. Unless I get free tickets I probably wouldn't do that again. Way too many people. Very hard to get a good view. The day started out nice but got pretty chilly later on. Really disappointed in Tiger. If he could have just started out okay we had a chance. All he had to do was post 3 under, but the first 6 killed any chance of that.
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