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(NBA) Who's got the best fadeaway in today's game? (Besides KB)

It's Jordan's patented move, Kobe mastered it, and now I wonder who else in today's game has it in their arsenal.

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well at least you got that right, Kobe's fadeaway is thing of beauty
Andris Biedrins. Thing of beauty.
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Shawn Marion
Frank gire
Paul Pierce because of his height he can post up smaller forwards.
baron davis.
Originally posted by ImaMod:

Besides Kobe ... this

D wade
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Tim Duncan
Lebron James. He always fades away the best...

 the 4th quarter.
I would say Dirk. His may be better than Kobe's.
Originally posted by Joecool:
I would say Dirk. His may be better than Kobe's.

f**k yea. Forgot about dirky lol
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