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Prokhorov: "I will crush (Mark Cuban) with the kickboxing throwdown" re: D. Will

Speaking in front of the Barclays Center construction site on Tuesday — his first media appearance since cancelling the Carmelo Anthony trade negotiations last January — Prokhorov issued a playful warning to Cuban for chasing Deron Williams in free agency.

"Let the best man win," Prokhorov said. "If he wins, I will crush him with the kickboxing throwdown."

Although Prokhorov made the comment in jest, he's taking the issue of retaining Williams seriously. The Russian billionaire said he met with Williams on Monday, drawing a conclusion that "we're on the same page." Prokhorov stopped short of saying he's confident Williams will re-sign, however. "We have, I think we have a very good discussion," Prokhorov said. "He really wants to win. And I want to win maybe even more. Really I don't want to go into details. But really I think at this stage, we are on the same page."

The Nets can offer Williams an extra year and about $30 million more than the Mavericks. But returning to Dallas — Williams' hometown — is an attractive option, with Cuban acting as the catalyst.

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I would leave if I was Williams
Originally posted by ImaMod:
I would leave if I was Williams

I would still bring D. Howard to Brooklyn
prokhorov is another owner who promised big things, but so far,
hell yeah baby come to dallas d will!!! and come to dallas dwight H.
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