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NCAA bracketology/March Madness thread

Originally posted by AB83Rules:
Originally posted by titan:
I havent kept up. I filled a $10.00 dollar fun bracket hopefully I win. Theres a large join in, with 40 people winner takes all! If i decide to join who is a good person to copy the bracket? cause I sure wont win it!

lol. I picked Kentucky over North Carolina. I think they are the 2 best teams in the Nation.

Kentucky has the most NBA talent and UNC isnt struggling with talent either.... Barnes is probably the most polished NBA lottery pick I have
Seen in a while.

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Love these guys' school spirit.
Cal can only hope they got the same magic as the teams from yesterday
Originally posted by global_nomad:
Don't forget to join the webzone yahoo tourny pick'em :

who do you guys have winning it?

i have UK in one bracket Baylor in another and UNC in my 3rd

so far (know its early) im perfect
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Wtf refs? Prety sure this is rigged
Asheville got screwed BIG TIME
Kentucky over FSU


Awesome time for sports right about now, right? NBA trade deadline, NFL free agency, March Madness...loving it, not being productive with ANYTHING right now lol
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Originally posted by aman49:
Asheville got screwed BIG TIME

This. That was terrible
Big time TERRIBLE call, or as Barkley says it TURRIBLE.

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Long Beach State 49ERS LETS GO
If New Mexico and Vanderbilt hold on im starting off 8-0 in my bracket
damnit long beach
damn, my upset picks just aint happening. Oh well, 1st round is really meaningless anyways, just don't want your teams going deep to get upset.

Every bracket I've been in over the years, the winner is based on the final four picks
bah i picked harvard to upset vandy.... and davidson to go to the sweet 16. double bah.
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