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73 dead, 180 hurt in riots after soccer game - Egypt

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Cairo (CNN) -- At least 73 people were killed when riots broke out after a soccer game in Egypt Wednesday, a spokesman for Egypt's health ministry said.

At least 180 others were injured in the rioting, spokesman Dr. Hisham Shiha said. Most of them had concussions and deep cuts, he said.

The fighting occurred in a stadium in the northeastern city of Port Said after Al-Ahly team beat Port Said's Al-Masry team 3-1.

Fans from both sides bashed each other with rocks and chairs, said Mohamed Sultan, head of the ambulance association in Port Said.

Rescuers treated 60 people on the ground, he said, and dozens of ambulances were at the stadium.

Authorities are investigating what caused the clashes, said Adel Saeed, a spokesman for Egypt's general prosecutor.

While authorities were responding to the fighting in Port Said, a fire broke out in Cairo stadium. It was not immediately clear if the incidents were related.

Soccer riot death toll climbs in Egypt
"It's kind of a security vacuum in the football stadium. ... It's not unheard of to have organized violence between football clubs, but something on this scale has never been seen before," said James Montague, a CNN contributor who researched soccer in the Middle East for his book "When Friday Comes: Football in the War Zone."
They take the game seriously.
Stay classy, Egypt
Did the the Giants/49ers finally air in Egypt leading to the riots?
Now those are real fans.
::Insert crying Saints fan letter here::
soccer < ______
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Bob f**king Bradley.
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Originally posted by Crazy49er1313:
::Insert crying Saints fan letter here::

Originally posted by Crazy49er1313:
::Insert crying Saints fan letter here::

Perhaps they took that matches too much seriouslly, isn't it? I think that the game should be thought as a GAME not a battle, victory and defeat are the parts of every game. However, the political tensions flared Wednesday after more than 70 people were killed when fans rushed the field and rioted at a the soccer match there.It was unclear whether intense sports rivalries or political strife caused the clashes in the northeastern city of Port Said.
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Imagine if Kyle Williams played soccer in Egypt...
and where were all the cops?
They're hanging out

in the donut shop
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