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Bernie Fine's wife alleged to have had sex with players

The latest twist in the Bernie Fine story is that now the wife of the former Syracuse assistant coach is accused in court papers of having sex with many of the school's basketball players, over many years.The New York Daily News reports the allegation is part of an affidavit filed by Robert Davis, one of the former Syracuse ball boys who has accused Bernie Fine of molesting him as a child.

In it, Davis says he overheard Laurie Fine and the wife of another coach talking about performing oral sex on players, including discussion of the "specific size and physical attributes" of their genitals.

The affidavit was filed Monday in New York State Supreme Court by Gloria Allred, the noted attorney who last month filed a defamation lawsuit against head coach Jim Boeheim on behalf of Davis and his stepbrother, Michael Lang.

The lawsuit contends Davis was defamed when he was accused of lying and looking for money by Boeheim.

Whos got a picture?

Whos got a picture?

when she was a younger
She's got a purdy mouf.
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same person
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wow, if I was a Syracuse basketball player I'd be embarassed
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