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LeBron Dunks on Kid, Apologizes with Shoes

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LeBron James CRUSHED a young basketball player at a camp in NJ yesterday ... knocking the kid down to the ground during an erratic dunk ... but TMZ has learned, King James came through with a pretty awesome apology.

The NBA star was playing a game of knock-out with the kids ... when he missed his shot ... and went chasing the rebound. Seconds later, LeBron comes flying back towards the rim ... slamming the ball and taking out the next shooter in the process.

Afterward, the kid went to his Facebook page and posted, "Got dunked on by Lebron :-( but he gave me his shoes so its alll good broo."

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Originally posted by jrg:
whats even more funny is that kid was about to beat him in knock-out
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Originally posted by Harbaugh52:
Originally posted by jrg:
Originally posted by Harbaugh52:
Originally posted by jrg:

both teams played huard..
Fool's laugh is hella annoying
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was that laugh real
he should have apologized by helping the kid up
Also. Repo Games gets shot at.
only if he played half as hard during the finals...
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