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Father Quits Job to Watch Son Pitch for South Carolina at College World Series

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South Carolina is 1-0 in the College World Series and looking to defend its national championship. David Roth, the father of Gamecocks ace Michael Roth, made the trip to Omaha last season but only got to watch two of the team’s game before needing to return home for work. This year, Roth decided to quit his job to ensure he could watch his son pitch for the Gamecocks.

David didn’t have any vacation days available so he quit his job as a car salesman Friday to make the trip. He got to watch his son pitch Sunday in South Carolina’s 5-4 win over Texas A&M.

“Obviously it was pretty special, with yesterday being Father’s Day,” Michael Roth said after the Gamecocks’ practice Monday at Creighton University. “I’m glad he’s here. It’s been pretty cool.”

Michael’s also not worried about his father’s job status, saying Gamecock Nation will take care of him. Roth is 13-3 on the season with a 0.97 ERA and he’s considered South Carolina’s ace. He was a 31st round pick by the Cleveland Indians in the MLB draft, so if he continues his success maybe he’ll be able to take care of his father.

Call it foolish or call it dedication, Roth really wanted to watch his son pitch in the College World Series. Don’t you wish you had the stones to make such a bold move? I know I wouldn’t have been able to do it. Too bad his community didn’t come together the way Matt Howard’s did to help send his family to the Final Four this year.

If I'm the father my son better win that game or I'm gonna kick his ass LOL. Luckily he did, but if he pitches again and loses...

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Car salesman are paid commission and the bad ones don't last long, so I am sure he has one of those jobs where it is easy to find another one pretty quick.
Pretty cool, but it's not like he derailed a career.
well 1 inning away from paying off for the gamecocks and Mr. Roth. oh and David Roth has been lights out
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