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Most Hated Teams of All Time

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1999 uconn huskies, hated that team for beating my duke team with battier, maggette, brand and trajan langdon, they only had rip hamilton and worked us, years later hamilton becomes a piston and it took me time to get to like him as part of my team cus of the 1999 title game

I'm a blue devil fan too!

surely u remember this game too then, i did get over the game but then hamilton ends up on my pistons, sure damn happy he helped bring a title to detroit otherwise i'd probably still hate him

Oh i sure do remember the game

Still hate rip hamilton for beating my lakers in the finals

too bad his cap number is so high, he'd be perfect for the lakers as a scoring guard off the bench in the jason terry mold, instant offence, doesnt need to dominate the ball, also think compton native tayshaun prince would be a better fit than artest for the lakers, hes a FA
-1990 New York Giants

-1992 Dallas Cowboys

-1995 Green Bay Packers

-2002 Anaheim Angels
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-1990 New York Giants
-1992 Dallas Cowboys

-1995 Green Bay Packers

-2002 Anaheim Angels

great pick
Any cowboys, packers, dodgers, yankees, red sox, celtics, notre dame, or big 10 team.
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Lakers, USC Trojans.
Cowboys, Bears, Lakers and this years Miami Heat.
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80's NYG
90's Cowboys
00's Niners
10 - 11 Miami Heat. It's not close.
Lebrons Heat rose up on everyones list. dallas cowboys, oakland raiders, pittsburgh steelers, LA dodgers, NY Yankees, dallas mavericks (forgiven for beating lebron atleast for a little bit), utah jazz, Chelsea football club. thats most of em lol
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timberwolves and braves

1994 Niners. I love them, but other fans must hate them. Such a stacked roster.
MLB:1962 Yankees,1989 A's and 2002 Angels.

NFL: 90's Cowboys as a whole especially '92, 96-97 Packers
Patriots, Cardinals, Rams, Seahawks
The team that Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, and Emmitt Smith were on.

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Yankees and HEAT
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