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Why is auto racing so unpopular here?

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Because its boring.

The majority of the time you're just watching the same cars go around the track in the same positions they were in the last time they went around the track.

In other words, yeah, it's boring. As hell.

Brilliant assessment there.

You can over generalize any sport if you're not paying attention. Some tracks are boring as hell, and so are some football games. Depends on what tracks you're racing at, or what strategies football teams use.

Draft, teammates, pitting, pit strategy, cautions, etc, all add intriguing elements to NASCAR.

There has been some excellent action this year, and a great variety of winners. Talledega was one of the best finishes I've seen in years, and plenty of interesting drivers are doing good.

I honestly believe some people don't give NASCAR a chance because of racism or poor stereotypes. Some of the most successful current drivers are all West Coast drivers; it's not just a southern sport anymore.

wait, racism??
circle track racing and boring tracks like that are not interesting and the races are way too long. i dont watch indy or F1 either but ive seen a few F1 races in europe that i thought were cool. i do watch MotoGP and AMA motorcycle racing. that stuff gets intense, crazy tracks, insane speed and lots of passes and a few crashes a race keep it interesting. gonna go see it again at Laguna Seca Mazda Speedway in july
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I'd rather hand out at this website..

Then, if you're feeling crazy..go here
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I'd rather hand out at this website..

Then, if you're feeling crazy..go here

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