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The Official UEFA Champions League Final (Man U. vs Barca)

Yes it deserve its own thread

The expectations for it to be such an epic game are so high that I'm afraid we might be let down, but still

Cool explanation of soccer v. football.............
btw would anyone have a link to watch it on a mobile? Looking for a link for a sprint EVO
WTF!!! theyre showing this on FOX! ill be damned. I just wish they woulda started doing this years ago when I didnt have DirecTV. a*****es. whatever. haha.
I love both teams but I wanna see Chicharito get a winners medal.
Man U matching up real well so far
Wow they made that look SO easy.
Originally posted by chico49erfan:
Wow they made that look SO easy.

they do, don't they

Damn! THEY made THAT look so easy.. What a goal!!
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it's on now
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Can't stand messi. Go man u
Can't stand Man-U, go messi!
Originally posted by Brew:
Can't stand messi. Go man u

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