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March Madness Thread

Akron giving Notre Dame trouble

Akron couldn't hit the ocean from a pier right now
Tenn layers quit on Pearl today. After those comments from the AD the other day I could see why.

Stat of day RT @Michigan_mbball: Michigan is first team in NCAA history to win a game without making a free throw. #sticktofootballschefter
George Mason and Villanova just got interesting

George Mason came back to win.

that was a good game
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Come on Arizona. I really want Texas to play them so I can talk trash to all my Tucson buddies. I love how we're better than them at the only sport they love, while no one here could care less about basketball. That whole town shuts down when the game is on. They don't even show half the Texas games on TV here.
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Last year I had UNI over Kansas. this year my upset special is ODU over Pitt in DC.

that's a good one. I'm a huge Georgetown fan and they play ODU every year and every year it's a tough game. They usually beat g'town one year then vice versa the following year. But ODU is a solid program, just like Richmond.

Oh snap, Memphis is trying to steal this one!
ahh man that block was nice!! that probably saved the game right there!!
Amazing block!
5-1 so far today, off to a way better start compared to yesterday
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Amazing block!

Yeah, it was clean. Helluva play.
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