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Happy Birthday Michael Jordan

Originally posted by FL9er:
The Bobcats are 4-31. 4 and 31!?! How bad do the 4 teams that lost to them have to be?

They probably beat the kings lol
It's honestly hard to believe that there were LA homers trying to say Kobe = MJ a couple years back. Once Jordan entered his prime and actually played full seasons (not counting his half-season after baseball), he was unstoppable and was always unquestionably the best player on the floor. Watching Kobe get swept out of the playoffs last year and punked 4-1 this year while bricking shots in the fourth quarter really makes you appreciate the greatness of Jordan.
Originally posted by DRnSFw:
The NBA ain't been the same since Jordan retired..

Question who is the Greater Athlete Jordan or Jerry Rice?

got my Jordan 3's Cement on today

No athlete will ever be bigger than Jordan IMO
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