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WZ Showdown!!! Lakers vs Magic

Originally posted by Dino:
I think not having Brandon Bass really hurts us this game. Not saying he would shut down Pau/Odom but it would definitely help. Oh well. I do think Orlando will play good this game. Just not good enough.


Bass was a monster before the injury. Once we get him back I'm confident the Magic will make a run at the 3 seed.

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Sweet! No OT in the early game. Let's get it started!
Dwight looks at Jameer after Fisher blows by him in the lane with a "Really?" look.
A Brandon bass sighting
No offense Laker fans

But go Magic
Originally posted by LundyLove:
No offense Laker fans

But go Magic

No problem, LakerLundy.
Nice goaltending on Pau's shot.
Bass rusty lol
We're actually shooting well?!

13-0 run or orl.
Turk got lucky there...Fish had the ball
lol...SVG's voice
24-21 after 1

Earl Clark

Just a "throw in" remember?
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