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WZ Showdown!!! Lakers vs Magic

Andrew freaking Bynum!

There have been several possessions where he made D12 look like he wasn't a gigantic human being.

Hopefully someone else decides to show up tonight for the Lakers.
Bynum's 1st quarter: 6 points, 11 rebounds, 3 blocks
Lakers playing poorly while orlando playing great.
bynum made me jizz
Lakers shooting 27%.
Freaking Pau needs to stop fading away against Ryan Anderson. And it'd be nice if he tried to defend the rim against the Chris Duhon's of the world.
Lakers are doing a wonderful job of guarding the paint. Too bad the Magic are doing all their damage from the outside.
The lakers are jus hanging around... Once they decide to put it on this game will be over quick
LO has jumpstarted our energy level.
Originally posted by LA9erFan:
LO has jumpstarted our energy level.

And then he tried to actually shoot with his right hand and embarrassed himself.

Man, Howard's gotten good at that bank shot.

And that was freaking goaltending.
Definitely goaltending.
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GO MAGIC!!!!!!
Kobe looks terrible.
Kobe looks absolutely horrible. He just airballed one, fading away from 5 feet.
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